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Book an appointment online or walk-in. We have Beam Street studios across greater New York. Chances are we are near you.


Exam & Cleaning - Beam Street
Exam & Cleaning - Beam Street
Exam & Cleaning - Beam Street

Receive the most comprehensive check-up and cleaning.

A full 1 hour appointment dedicated to providing you your most thorough cleaning and oral health evaluation.


Enjoy the cleanest teeth ever and no bad breath.

We recommend you schedule a checkup and cleaning every 6 months. Some patients may need more or less time between their checkup and cleaning based on their oral health. Our team will provide you will a customized treatment plan to maintaining your oral health.


Checkup and cleaning in 3 steps.


Caring for your oral health has never been this easy.

Check-up & Teeth Cleaning - Beam Street

Comprehensive Check-up & Cleaning

Kick back and relax. Enjoy the cleanest teeth you’ve ever had.

Beam Street checkup and cleaning


​A beautiful smile starts with a check-up and clean teeth.

Want to know more about checkups and cleaning? Read on.

Dental checkup and cleanings provide us with the opportunity to evaluate and improve your current methods of dental care, as well as detect problems before they become serious. We also use this time to teach you about prevention so that future visits do not require more extensive treatment than necessary.

For our checkup and cleanings, we begin by expertly cleaning your teeth and thoroughly checking for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. We may or may not perform an x-ray depending on your personal oral health. Then, we’ll ask a few tailored questions about your current methods of dental care and with all the information gathered we will demonstrate proper dental care and provide suggested treatments for optimal oral health.

We recommend you regularly schedule a checkup and cleaning every six months. However, some patients may need more or less time between their exams which is why we recommend you consult with our team with regards to future exam scheduling.

Your comfort comes first. You can expect us to evaluate your overall oral health and then provide simple solutions. Nothing more. Our team is committed to providing you with honest and transparent care that will leave you looking and feeling your best after every visit.

You may need a checkup and cleaning appointment if: 1) Your gums bleed while brushing or flossing your teeth, 2) or if you’re experiencing bad breath, 3) or if you’re experiencing the signs of gum disease, 4) or if you haven’t been to the dentist in “a while”. In these cases it is not uncommon for us to recommend you come in more frequently so we can help clear up these issues.

The benefits of checkups & cleanings.

The importance of a checkup and cleaning cannot be overstated. If you don’t keep your mouth clean, bacteria can build up and form plaque which can lead to long-term problems such as gum disease or tooth loss later in life. A good personal dental care routine that includes regular checkups and cleanings can prevent these long term ailments from ever happening to you.

We have a highly accredited team that’s trained to provide you with exceptional care. From the moment you walk in our doors your experience is tailored to fit you and you alone. Come in for a cleaning at one of our studios and experience everything that Beam Street has to offer.

Exam & Cleaning - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


Make the most out of your dental benefits.

Wondering if your dental insurance covers any of your dental treatment? We’ll let you know before your first visit.

1. Financing

  • Flexible monthly payments

  • Interest free financing

2. FSA or HSA

  • Use pre-tax dollars

  • Clear aligners and fillings are eligible

3. Insurance

  • Insurance covers up to $2,500 for clear aligners

  • Combine it with a FSA or HSA for more savings

Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


​Three ways to afford dental care.

Affording dental care is now simpler, easier, and more flexible than ever.

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