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Botox - Beam Street
Botox - Beam Street
Botox - Beam Street

Experience immediate relief.

After assessing what may be causing your teeth grinding or clenching, we may be able to pursue treatment the same day so your jaws can relax.


A rejuvenated smile without the pain.

After having your Botox treatment, you will experience a rapid improvement, which means, less grinding, less clenching, and a rejuvenated smile.


Botox in 3 steps.


Treating teeth grinding has never been this easy.

Botox - Beam Street


Sore jaw? Nightguards don't work? See if Botox is for you.

Beam Street dental Botox


Have a sore jaw? Don't want a nightguard? Botox can help.

Want to know more about dental Botox? Read on.

Even though Botox is commonly viewed as an antiaging procedure, dental Botox is proving to be an effective treatment for multiple dental and oral problems such as relaxing TMJ joints and muscles to reduce teeth grinding and related pain, reducing gummy smiles, and a safe alternative to surgery.

The benefits of dental Botox.

There are numerous benefits associated with dental Botox that make it an excellent treatment for patients. Botox is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no downtime, no anesthesia, and no healing period. While you may need to avoid touching your face or laying on it for a few hours, most of our patients can immediately resume their normal activities.

Dental botox offers immediate results. As soon as we administer your injections, you’ll notice results, as the ingredients in Botox immediately work to relax the muscles. This means that if you’re having Botox for discomfort or pain, you should notice a rapid improvement in your symptoms. Botox is highly customizable to each patient’s individual needs. We will place the injections to address your specific complaints about your smile or oral health.

Botox - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


Make the most out of your dental benefits.

Wondering if your dental insurance covers any of your dental treatment? We’ll let you know before your first visit.

1. Financing

  • Flexible monthly payments

  • Low interest rates

2. FSA or HSA

  • Use pre-tax dollars

  • Clear aligners and fillings are eligible

3. Insurance

  • Insurance covers up to $2,500 for clear aligners

  • Combine it with a FSA or HSA for more savings

Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


​Three ways to afford dental care.

Affording dental care is now simpler, easier, and more flexible than ever.

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