Best Dentist New York - Beam Street

Clean, white, and straight teeth in one place

Our convenient booking process, custom treatment planning, and personalized experience will make your time at the dentist a breeze.

Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


Book online or walk-in

Whether you're looking to clean, whiten, or straighten your teeth you can always book an appointment online or walk-in and start making your dream smile a reality.

Let us know up-front if you have dental insurance so we can help you maximize your benefits and minimize your costs.


Get your personalized treatment

Your teeth cleaning or teeth whitening treatment can be taken care of the same day. It's as easy as getting a haircut.

For teeth straightening, we'll use our 3D scanner, analyze your smile, show you your future smile, and design a personalized treatment plan.


Straighter teeth without the hassle

On the 1st day of your straightening treatment, we'll set you up with your first set of aligners and walk you through a simple set of instructions to make your treatment a success without having to come see us all the time. 


Like we said, simply simpler.

Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street
Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


Your Journey in 3 Easy Steps

Caring for your oral health has never been this easy.

Best Dentist New York - Beam Street


Book your visit

Walk-in anytime without an appointment for a cleaning, whitening, or a free before & after simulation of your smile.

Beam Street

The standard in dental care.

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